The most beautiful lakes around Hopfen am See

In the picturesque Allgäu region around the Kneipp and climatic health resort Hopfen am See there are numerous idyllic lakes which invite you to enjoy leisure time fun in the face of the beautiful mountain world. Whether swimming and water sports in the warm months, leisurely walks and bike tours along the shores or ice skating and curling in winter - the Allgäu lakes around Hopfen are always worth a trip.


The popular holiday resort Hopfen am See is named after the beautiful Hopfensee, which is a year-round recreation and leisure paradise. The Mediterranean flair of the picturesque waters and the lively bustle along the lakeside promenade have earned Hopfen am See the nickname "Riviera of the Allgäu". On warm days the Hopfensee is perfect for swimming and various water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing are also popular here. Those who like it very comfortable rent a pedal boat and enjoy the breathtaking alpine panorama from the water. The Kneipp island in the lake and a Kneipp area on the shore also invite you to relax. The approximately 7-kilometre-long lakeside path tempts you to walk, Nordic walking or cycle around the water. In the cold season, when the Allgäu has turned into a fairytale winter wonderland of snow and ice, skaters make their rounds on the frozen lake. The sport of curling, which is popular in the Allgäu, is then also enjoyed on the Hopfensee.


Only a few kilometres from Hopfen am See lies the Forggensee. The largest lake in the Allgäu, with an area of around 15 square kilometres, is not of natural origin - it was created in the 1950s, among other things, to generate electricity and to regulate the flooding of the Lech after the snowmelt began. Above all, however, Lake Forggen is a popular recreational destination, inviting you to engage in numerous leisure activities. In addition to swimming, water sports and hiking and cycling tours along the shores, Lake Forggen also offers boat tours. From mid-June to October, two passenger ships operate several times a day on the lake, calling at various stops along the shore. The view from the ship of the Allgäu mountains and the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau is truly something special. In winter the Forggensee is drained. Then, with luck, the remains of the old Roman road Via Claudia Augusta, which once ran here, can be discovered during walks on its bottom.


The Weißensee is the centre of the rural Füssen district of the same name. It is also a beautiful destination for excursions, inviting you to swim in the summer or take leisurely walks along the shore.


The Alatsee is a beautiful mountain lake with a mysterious side. Numerous regional myths and legends entwine themselves around the lake, whose water sometimes shimmers reddish due to a rare layer of purple sulphur bacteria at a depth of 15 metres. An old gold treasure is said to lie at the bottom of the lake and ghosts are said to haunt its shores. Despite or perhaps because of these old legends, Lake Alatsee is a popular excursion destination in Allgäu.


The Alpsee, which was the favourite bathing lake of fairytale king Ludwig II, belongs to the municipality of the neighbouring Füssen municipality of Schwangau. The Alpseebad allows you to cool off in the cool water and you can enjoy the view of the mountains and castles on pedal boats. The Museum of the Bavarian Kings is an attractive destination on the banks of the Alpsee.


Only a stone's throw away from the Alpsee, also in Schwangau near the royal castles, lies the Schwansee. It is also a popular bathing destination in summer, while in winter the skaters like to cavort on it.