Linderhof Castle

In addition to the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Linderhof Castle in the Ammergau Alps is closely linked to the popular Bavarian fairytale king Ludwig II. Castle Linderhof was considered his favourite castle, as it was here that he spent by far the most time. Together with the beautiful castle park, in which numerous special facilities and park buildings can be admired, Schloss Linderhof is one of the most popular sights in Bavaria.

Interesting facts/history

After his enthronement in 1864, the Bavarian fairytale king Ludwig II began planning for several magnificent buildings outside the capital city of Munich, which he did not love. While the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle was built on his behalf near Schwangau from 1869 onwards, the monarch had his father Maximilian II's hunting lodge in the Ammergau Alps converted into a small residential palace from 1872 onwards, which was to serve him as a private retreat. Under the direction of the architect Georg von Dollmann, a rococo-style palace was built during a construction phase lasting several years, inspired by the pavilion complex of Marly, which served as a retreat for the French King Louis XIV. As planned, Ludwig II often stayed in Linderhof Palace after its completion and used it as a refuge when he was not in Munich to attend to government business. Today, the castle, together with the impressive castle park, is one of the most visited sights in Bavaria. If you are on holiday in the Allgäu, it is definitely worth taking a trip to the Ammergebirge.

Appearance and equipment

Linderhof Palace, which is somewhat reminiscent of a typical French summer residence of the 18th century, but in its core has a character of its own, is a beautiful building with numerous artistically designed interiors. Especially the living rooms of the king on the upper floor were abundantly decorated in the neo-Rococo style: glittering gold, magnificent furniture, beautiful frescoes and countless pictures amaze the viewer at every turn. The showpiece of the rooms is the royal bedroom, vaguely modeled on the bedroom of the French sun god.

In addition to Linderhof Castle, the surrounding castle park is also an attraction. Ground floor facilities, sculptures, ponds and numerous decorative buildings make a walk through the park extremely attractive. The 32-metre high fountain, which regularly sprays into the sky in the large basin in front of the castle, is impressive. Some of the exotic park buildings such as the Hunding Hut and the Einsiedel Hut of Guernemanz are based on works by the composer Richard Wagner, whose great admirer was Ludwig II. The Linderhof gardens and park were designed by the garden architect Carl von Effner, who used stylistic elements from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. The park is adjoined by a beautiful mixed forest, which invites you to take long walks along winding paths through the Ammergau Alps.

Visit Linderhof Castle

Tickets for a visit to Linderhof Palace can be reserved in advance at the Linderhof ticket shop. A visit is only possible as part of a guided tour, which lasts approximately 25 minutes. For groups of visitors, the palace administration offers private special tours in which an employee of the palace and garden administration reveals many interesting facts about the palace and its owner. With the exception of some ornamental buildings, the park can be viewed free of charge. During the winter months from mid-October to mid-April, the park buildings are closed with the exception of the King's Cottage.