Attractions and excursion destinations

The Kneipp- and climatic health resort Hopfen am See, which belongs to Füssen, is situated in the middle of the wonderful pre-alpine landscape and is the perfect destination for a successful holiday in the Allgäu. Numerous attractions and excursion destinations in the surrounding area guarantee unforgettable impressions for nature lovers and those interested in culture around Hopfen. In this article we will tell you what you should definitely see during your holiday in Hopfen am See.

The Royal Castles

The biggest attractions here in the Allgäuer Königswinkel are of course the world-famous castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, which are enthroned in the middle of the picturesque mountain landscape and attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year with their beauty and splendour. Above all, the magnificently appointed Neuschwanstein Castle, which the Bavarian fairytale king Ludwig II had built between 1869 and 1886 and which is reminiscent of an imposing medieval castle from the outside, is an impressive sight. During a guided tour of the castle lasting about half an hour, visitors are immersed deep into a romantic world created by the king and his refuge. The cozy residential castle Hohenschwangau, whose 19th century furnishings have been preserved unchanged, is also well worth seeing. If you then want to know more about the castles and the Bavarian royal family, you should also visit the Museum of the Bavarian Kings on the shores of Lake Alpsee.

The city of Füssen

Medieval houses, small shops and romantic cafés and restaurants line the narrow streets of Füssen's picturesque old town, which are well worth a stroll when you are on holiday in Hopfen am See. You will also pass pretty historic churches and sights such as the old Benedictine monastery St. Mang, which today houses the Füssen City Museum. Here you can marvel at the famous Füssen Dance of Death and an impressive collection of lutes and violins. High above the old town is the Gothic High Castle, which is famous for its artistic architectural and illusionary paintings on the facades and houses a branch gallery of the Bavarian State Painting Collections in addition to remarkable interiors. Other attractions in Füssen are the festival theatre on the banks of Lake Forggen, where top-class cultural events take place time and again, the Ziegelwies forest experience centre and the Lechfall, which with its thunderous masses of water presents a spectacular natural spectacle.

Medieval castles

During your holiday in the Allgäu you can dive into the world of knights and damsels in the medieval castles of the region. Above Lake Hopfensee lie the remains of Hopfen Castle, which is considered the oldest stone castle in the Allgäu. It is a popular excursion destination because of the dream view of the wide Allgäu. The view from the ruins of Falkenstein Castle, which is situated between Füssen and Pfronten and is the highest castle ruin in Germany, is also grandiose. It once impressed Ludwig II so much that he spontaneously acquired it and wanted to have it converted into another dream castle. Only his unforeseen death thwarted this plan.

The lakes and mountains of the Allgäu

Of course, the many lakes and magnificent mountains around Hopfen am See are also popular destinations. Whether at the local Hopfensee, at the large Forggensee or at Alpsee, Alatsee and Schwansee: bathing fun, water sports and contemplative walks along the shore provide for successful holiday hours. If you want to go high up, you can enjoy the soothing mountain air and fantastic views of the wide foothills of the Alps at Tegelberg, Breitenberg or one of the many other mountains.